Complaints Procedure

Every year SmartEducation organizes a large number of courses and has built up experience in it.
SmartEducation strives to organize each course so that the students would be satisfied. However, it is still possible that a student has a complaint about a course he/she has followed or a procedure related to the course.
You can send your complaint to SmartEducation by e-mail. The complaint letter should be addressed to our secretariat to Mrs Isabel Hellin via The complaint letter should include the following:

– Your name, address and phone number.
– The title and the date of the course you have a complaint about.
– Description of the complaint.

Within 48 hour after we have received the complaint, the complainant gets a confirmation about the receipt of the complaint together with a notification that the complaint has been processed and by whom it will be handled. The complaint will be handled within three weeks after we have received it.
In case a longer period of time is required to handle the complaint, the participant will be notified of this within 21 days, together with the explanation of the delay and an expected time of the decision.
Complaints and their handling process is kept confidential. Complaints are registered and kept for the period of three years.
In case the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the parties, it is possible to submit the complaint to an independent third party specialized in mediation and conflict management. With regard to mediation, complainant can turn to Mrs. Nadia Michiels
(Diestsesteenweg 375/0001, 3010 Kessel-Lo (Leuven), 016 62 38 53,