Accreditaton Belgian Chiropractors’ Union

The Belgian Chiropractors’ Union (BCU) has entered into a partnership with Smarteducation

Members of the BCU must fulfill certain conditions regarding continuous professional development and training in order to be able to ensure the professional quality of the care they provide to their patients. BCU Chiropractors are required to collect 30 credits per year (150 per 5 years). 1 credit equals 1 hour of study. Academic credits can be earned amongst others by reading literature, attending seminars, taking part in online courses or by joining colleagues on their clinical rounds. The content of any course needs to have a scientific foundation. In this area the Belgian Chiropractors’ Union follows the guidelines issued by the European Academy of Chiropractic

As from May 2018 members of the BCU can register for seminars and supplementary training courses organised by Smarteducation. The BCU has entered into a partnership to make this possible. In cooperation with Smarteducation the BCU Admin Council has put together and accredited a selection of seminars and supplementary training courses provided by Smarteducation. After attending one of the courses you have to upload your attendance certificate to your online CPD portfolio.