Courses in musculoskeletal healthcare

SmartEducation organizes courses in different specialities in musculoskeletal healthcare. All of our courses are given by nationally and internationally recognized lecturers.

Several locations in Belgium & Holland

The courses of SmartEducation take place all over Flanders and The Netherlands. We place great importance on the accessibility and parking possibilities of our venues.

Evidence Based Practice

SmartEducation promotes evidence based practice. Our courses provide you with up to date theoretical knowledge and enhanced practical skills, which you can directly use in your clinical practice.

Quality promotion

The pursuit of evidencebased practice within the field of musculoskeletal healthcare is of utmost importance. Continuing education plays a vital role in transferring this knowledge into practice.

Courses Events

  • Lower cervical spine disorders - Tzvika Greenbaum

    11 oktober 2019 - 12 oktober 2019

    Leuven – Novotel

    In this course, participants will learn an effective evidence informed assessment & practical management of people with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction in their lower neck region

  • Temporomandibular Disorders - Tzvika Greenbaum

    14 november 2019 - 15 november 2019

    Leuven – Novotel

    TMD is one of the most frequent causes of orofacial pain & headache and is associated with basic functional limitations such as difficulties in chewing, talking and yawning. Additionally TMD patients

  • MRI of the spine and other relevant imaging for the chiropractor - Dre. Sarah Dion

    30 november 2019 - 09:00u - 17:00u

    Brussel – Novotel

    This seminar covers common imaging findings, soft tissue injury, bone and soft tissue cancer; sports injury; musculoskeletal infection; degenerative musculoskeletal disease; inflammatory conditions, r

  • Temporomandibular Disorders - Tzvika Greenbaum

    16 december 2019 - 17 december 2019

    Brugge – Novotel

    Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) refer to several highly common clinical disorders that involve the masticatory muscles, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the adjacent structures. TMD is one of t


SmartEducation is a continuing education institute in Flanders. An ambitious project that provides a wide range of postgraduate courses within the field of musculoskeletal healthcare. SmartEducation wants to contribute to the quality promotion within the domain of rehabilitation sciences, physiotherapy and sports medicine.

The courses provided by SmartEducation combine theory from recent scientific evidence with easily applicable and effective practical skills. This integrated approach guarantees added value to your daily practice. All our courses are given by nationally and internationally recognized scientists and clinical practitioners.

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